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When folks call me the first question I usually hear is how much does it cost. I may be the 1st or 5th person they call. Usually someone with a new camera has already offered to take and process some photos at a fraction of the price charged by those studios with the expensive yellow page advertisements. They never asked how many cameras the photographers used (in case one broke during the event). They never asked what was the life expectancy on the paper I would use for the prints. Currently I use Fuji Crystal Archive which has a life expectancy of 75 years. They never asked if it would be me that appeared on the day of the event or a casual subcontractor. I can help you be clear about how to get what you want and need - whether you book with me or not.


Congratulations. You must be preparing an event that will be

remembered for a long time.

Years after photographing and videotaping the wedding of the wonderful bride and groom, they told me it just seemed natural to call me for special photos and video of the baptism, then the parties, and special events, and eventually the funerals and memorial services. Now, more than ever, you can make certain that there is a high definition Blu-ray disk of the most important events in your lives. Imagine how informative it would be to see the video & photos from your parents or grandparents weddings or funerals. A trusted photojournalist can be depended upon so that your archival vaults hold those important recordings for the generation to come - because seeing is believing. My name is Douglas Dailey. I have been doing this for over 20 years. I have my last 100 jobs on my computer so that you can see how the quality of my work holds up week after week, job after job. Please call to get acquainted. It is not difficult to make sure that you get the quality and prices you deserve to record and preserve those once-in-a-lifetime special events. Best wishes, Douglas Dailey June 2013
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Now Blu-ray HD disc plus regular DVDs with every video project
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